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'The Business' Portraits - stand out from the crowd!

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

This post highlights a few of the personal branding portraits for Sue, Personal Consultant, founder of the innovative The Therapeutic Coaching Company based in Berkhamsted Hertfordshire.

The portraits are crafted around how Sue wanted to present her personal brand and values. We explored the different narratives she needs to portray to her audience, and how they could be conveyed visually. The business is her. She is the brand.

Those seeking her integrated counselling and coaching for children and young people will often be anxious parents or schools in need of expertise and support; her website the first contact she'll have with them. Within those critical first seconds of opening her website, even before they've read a word, her imagery needs to appeal and convey confident, reassuring messages representing her brand.

The simple beach shot above was planned around conveying calm, forward thinking and bright new horizons, so all about positivity and wellbeing. Being in control of your life. It's a visual promise.

The formal headshot portrait is all about confidence and reassurance. It portrays the well qualified and experienced professional she is. But the pose remains reassuringly informal and approachable.

And the image mirroring her stick man logo shows how she relates to the way children see the world and promises a relaxed, fun experience. These are not just my words; this is also the feedback she's received. And that's what personal branding is all about. How you're perceived before your audience have even met you.

'The Business' portraiture could help you stand out. You don't need all the answers. Just the some ideas around what you and your business stand for and your values and we'll take it from there. Get in touch for a chat.

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