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Here I share what motivates and inspires my portraiture...


Walk the galleries of the National Portrait Gallery, London and you can't fail to feel the presence, energy and charisma of those long lost souls lining the walls.  You feel as though you're in their company.  They live on. 


One particular portrait really inspired me;  Charles Darwin.  One of the greatest thinkers and scientists of all time.  Not in a splendid setting.  Not in expensive, elaborate clothing as you'd expect of man of his stature.  No.  He's in his wax overcoat.  Wide brimmed hat in hand.  The attire of an adventurer.  An explorer.  A man who can't wait to get back out there; a man on a mission to understand the diversity and wonder of life. 


Painted in the year before his death, that single portrait tells the story of Charles Darwin, the man.  How he wanted to be remembered.  In that moment you connect with Darwin, and can't fail to be moved.  Portraiture can be so powerful.

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My Inspiration

Charles Darwin in the National Portrait Gallery, London

'Painted in the year before his death, that single portrait tells the story of Charles Darwin, the man.'

​I enjoy the collaborative, creative journey of portraiture.  Listening to your unique stories and getting to know what matters to you, building trust and a shared vision, and finally sitting down together to choose the portrait that creates the right emotional response for you.


Unashamedly, I set out to work with the achievers, the entrepreneurs and innovators, the disruptors and unconventional, and leaders from all walks of life.  


Its privilege to work with anyone who values their portrait as an expression of themselves, their influence, their impact on our times or the people around them.  However personal, however profound.

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