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My Motivation

I'm drawn to portraits that tell stories, that convey self-worth and self-respect for the person you are and celebrate the life you live.  Self-worth and self-respect are far more powerful than a simple likeness, self-esteem or beauty.  They're the traits that will provoke an emotional response and connect with an audience.

Every story through history revolves around individuals who shaped, influenced, even made history.

But our stories, our personal histories, aren’t just those on a grand scale. Every family, every organisation, every movement has its characters and heroes who are remembered in stories that last generations.

Its portraiture that brings those stories to life.  For this generation.  For future generations.

Creating great portraits that speak for you even when you're not there, that's what motivates me.


My Inspiration

Walk the galleries of the National Portrait Gallery, London and you can't fail to feel the presence, energy and charisma of those long lost souls lining the walls.  You feel as though you're in their company.  They live on. 


One particular portrait really inspired me;  Charles Darwin.  One of the greatest thinkers and scientists of all time.  Not in a splendid setting.  Not in expensive, elaborate clothing as you'd expect of man of his stature.  No.  He's in his wax overcoat.  Wide brimmed hat in hand.  The attire of an adventurer.  An explorer.  A man who can't wait to get back out there; a man on a mission to understand the diversity and wonder of life. 


Painted in the year before his death, that single portrait tells the story of Charles Darwin, the man.  How he wanted to be remembered.  In that moment you connect with Darwin, and can't fail to be moved.

Darwin snap.jpeg

My Inspiration

Charles Darwin in the National Portrait Gallery, London

'Painted in the year before his death, that single portrait tells the story of Charles Darwin, the man.'

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