'Our times ;Our people’

Fine Art Exhibition/Conference

Sponsorship Packages

Exclusive 'Our times; Our people' fine art portrait gallery to showcase the stars, the leaders and influencers of your world at high end conferences, awards ceremonies and exhibitions.


This bespoke service is for the corporate and business sponsors wanting to celebrate their uniqueness and the personalities which shape, drive or nurture their profession or industry.  It's a celebration of our times; our people. 


​The commission will include a series of classic or contemporary, fine art framed portraits set up as a mini gallery within the Sponsors space/lounge.  I will work with sponsors to style the portraits and presentation, arrange the individual sittings, set up the exhibition and work with your PR and social media teams.  On the day, I'll be there to support you and chat with your guests.


Your chosen subjects will get the very same attention and service as those who privately commission my Classic Portraiture.  I use a high end 51 mega-pixel medium format camera capable of exceptional image quality and beautiful tonal range, and professional Swiss engineered Elinchrom lighting to add subtle vibrancy and depth to the images. 


After the event, Sponsors will own the framed, fine art prints.  Whether they become the start of a new collection, are used elsewhere for exhibitions in your premises, are auctioned for charity or simply gifted to the subjects, the choice is yours.  The museum grade quality means they will continue to give joy for decades to come and will forever be associated with you, the Sponsor.  An historic record of your times; your people.


These are bespoke, individually crafted packages to meet your needs.  They can take months to plan, prepare and deliver so please get in touch well in advance.  Your investment will depend on the number of portraits, subjects' locations, print size, exhibition venue and its length.  Costed packages start from around £13,000 for six individual 40"x 30" fine art framed portraits exhibited for a single day.


Get in touch for more information and to discuss options.