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Updated: Jan 22

Photography is where I started, and where my heart has always been.'

Portrait courtesy of the legend that is Trevor Yerbury

Over the years, I've worked with some incredible leaders, influencers and innovators in the world of residential property and government. My experience in external affairs and stakeholder management has undoubtedly helped me grow as a person. I've learned a lot about people. For a portrait photographer, that's just as important as the years of dedicated artistic and photographic development you need to master your craft. I've shaped Trent Portraiture around an understanding of what people need and value from portraiture. Trent Portraiture is built around a philosophy of celebrating personality, character and achievement.

And for me, Trent Portraiture is the next step in my personal journey; the expression of my creative and artistic side; 'becoming the person I am'. People and portraiture are where my heart is, what motivate me.

Enough about me. Future posts will be about the incredible people I create portraits for. Their lives. Their experiences. Their ambitions.

A bit more about how i can help

I'm offering several different but complementary services:

fine art, printed portraiture ~ I will lead you through a collaboration of ideas and narratives to create an emotive piece of personal art, an heirloom. If you've got any sense of healthy ego, this is for you - you didn't get where you are without a hell of a lot of hard work, maybe years of study, risk taking, sacrifices and you're proud of what you've achieved - you deserve this. This is about being remembered for who you are, what you achieve, what means most to you, not simply what you look like.

personal brand digital portraiture ~ Bespoke, designed around you and so much more than just the simple business headshot. The personal branding is all about conveying the 'you' you want to portray across all your professional contact points, except this is about bringing some character, some brand values to the party in a series of images, usually presented across a blend of business and personal images. It may involve location shoots and narratives. Ideal for entrepreneurs, leaders, consultants, influencers, the ambitious, artists and creators.

the business headshot portrait ~ Nowadays careers are fluid, you the individual have greater control over your career and future; and so many more people are exploring self-employment or business start-ups. So this is for you. More flexible, more expressive, bolder if you dare.

“I like to reinvent myself - it's part of my job" ~ Karl Largerfeld. Isn't that the same for all us nowadays... ?

Exclusive conference sponsor packages ~ I'll also be exploring other ways I can help or offer something a little different. If you're involved in setting up or running large conventions or conferences, get in touch. I've got ideas based around intimate galleries and exhibitions of the stars, the influencers, the key players in your industry; this will be for the sponsors looking for something beyond the normal sponsored meal, golf or bar/lounge. It has potential charity fundraising or simply building a historic, fine art collection of the people who shape your industry.

I'm all about longterm relationships, collaborations and opportunities which continue to deliver well beyond our first shoot. I'm motivated by helping you or your business grow, and then celebrating your personal achievement and success through portraiture.

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